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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Back To Normal...

Well, it's normal for this household...

I was busy all day yesterday getting kits ready for today's Witches...

That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

We are going to be making jewelry display stands for the necklace and earrings that we made last week.
Here's the pattern.  There is a better photo further down, but I would suggest that you go to Pinterest and put Jewelry displays in the search.

I got the original pattern from there and it was for a full sized pattern.
 I don't remember who's pin it was originally, but as I said, it was a full sized display for people selling jewelry at craft fairs, etc.

I did this one out of some textured scrapbook paper.  I think that it shows off the jewelry well.

If you want to display earrings with it, just poke a couple of holes inside the necklace and run the wire through the holes. I still haven't found Tessie's other earring.. Another Oops!

Here's the close up of the pattern... It is rather crudely drawn...  It will give you some idea of the size and what you are going for.

It was fun to do and I am thinking that I am going to do some in colors and other experimental techniques. 

Again. I am sorry about yesterday! Just too much going on. 

I will try to draw a better pattern after I get back from Witches.  More accuracy is needed.

Back to the drawing board.  See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Oops is right!

Tessie caught me as I was going to bed and asked if I had done the blog?

Me.... Blog, what blog.

OK.  This is not a very good catch. 

Now Kota is yelling at me for not doing it...

The only sympathetic one is Walter. 

He even turned on the light so that I could see to write!  Sorry about the lateness, but I did actually get it done before midnight.  I promise to do better tomorrow and from this day forward.  I will NOT forget again.

Goodnight.  See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 27, 2017

All in a Day's Work...

Well, if you count this, it was more like three days.  I did this on the weekend.
 Last night, I started using some of the stones that I got at the gem show to make a couple of bracelets and earrings to match.

The smaller stones in this set are turquoise and coral.

The larger stones are some kind of stone that has been dyed.  It makes a good fake turquoise.

 This set is the same stone, but in the natural color.
they almost look like they are dyed coral of some kind...

The smaller stones on this set is quartz crystal. 

I used copper head pins on both to make the earrings.  For some reason, the second set looks gold colored in the photo.  But it is copper!
Now, all I have to do is get them away from Tessie.  I don't think that will be too hard...

She can't wear them anyway.  I may have to make her a set in the same colors for her.  That won't take long.

Back to  work.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jumping Around...

First of all, I meant to tell  you about a source for really nice buttons... I happened to see these in the "Dollar Tree" the other day... I bought them for the bottles.  I am running low... But the contents were excellent as well. 

Six colors of little round buttons and a tube of glue to stick them on with.

I used them on Zar's vest.  They worked well.
On to other things...

Kota is a happy camper this morning. I bought a bottle of spray catnip to put on his toys... This is the octopus that I crocheted for him a few weeks ago. 

If he keeps it up, I am going to have to do another one shortly.  He not only chases it when someone throws it, he licks it to pieces after he catches it. 
This is what I happened upon at Goodwill this morning.  They are back to selling big jars of beads and jewelry.  I guess that selling them on line at auction didn't go so well.

This doesn't look like much, but I got some chains and a few other things that I didn't throw in the photo.

The jars were some that I had.  And I still have another one to fill!

Tessie and Zar are speculating as to what can be made in mini with the contents. 

That should keep them busy for a while... I am beading.  Don't tell them.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Whole New Me...

That was Tessie this morning... Singing her lungs out... She picked out the fabric and lace for this outfit...

I will give it 24 hours, tops!

Short and dumpy once again, as far as I'm concerned.
Now Zar, on the other hand has taste... He simply told me, "Make me look like a young Bob Dylan.

He picked everything out and I did the work. 

Not too shabby.

As soon as they got together, they started bickering again. 

Who's make over was the best.  Zar keeps picking on Dumpy... Er I mean Tessie... He told her straight out that she looks "Dumpy" in the new dress...

As soon as that happened, Tessie started in on me again. 

"I want my white dress back, so that I can wear my aprons.  This dress is DUMPY and a half!"

She is going to have to wait a couple of days.  I need to get some yard work done.

Sorry Spike. I didn't get to your new collar.  Have a cookie instead.

That takes care of that.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Still Working on It...

Kota is the only happy customer so far.  Every time I remove a box from its normal place, he takes said place over. 

He will keep guard so that nobody takes anything  else whilst I am working.
I am not happy with the shape of Tessie's outfit.  It makes her look short. I think that it's the length and shape of the vest and skirt.

She is actually three inches taller than she was(in one inch scale size).  She has gone from five feet three inches to five feet six... With basically the same hairdo as before.

The dress just makes her look dumpy.  I think that part of it is the fabric that she picked.  I tried to talk her out of it, but she said that it would make it so that, if she spilled anything, it wouldn't show.  Thus eliminating  the need for me to make more aprons...

Kind of her to think that way, but I am sure that this outfit is not going to last long. It just doesn't do anything for her.

Now about Zar... He found one of his old vests and wants another one like it.  It is to far gone to save...

See that scroll of paper in his hand... I am not going to even look at it until I talk Tessie out of that awful dress.

Sorry Zar, you are next in line. Just a little further down than before...

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Total Disaster...

Tessie's day of beauty went downhill fast.  Almost as soon as it started...

By a couple of hours in, I realized that she was just going around in circles.

New bones? Check.  New muscles? Check. 

Then she peeled off her old hair, all by herself... I knew that couldn't be good...

She then announced, "The bun has to go! I want something short and modern...
I tried to tell her that she wasn't going to like it when she got on her broom.

To that she announced, "Let me be the judge of that!"

So... I put on a new crop of hair and gave her a haircut.  It looked pretty cute, but I made the mistake of telling her to go try it on the broom.

She promptly pulled a pair of pantaloons over her arms and a skirt from an old dress on her lower half...
That didn't take long.  Five minutes later she was complaining to Zar what a mess I had made of her hair... As if the cut was my idea... Nope.  I don't take responsibility for her demanding a "bob".

By that time she had exchanged the bloomers for an old petticoat with her head stuck out the top and her arms at the bottom...

I called Zar out of the room and had a conference with him... He is pretty smart sometimes...

He suggested that he handle the situation.
He went back in and told Tessie that the flying just proved that witches should never wear their hair in a bob.  It gets in their eyes when they are flying. 

Then he told her to come in and apologize to me and humbly ask me to put her hair back in a bun, so that she could see when she was flying...

Darned if it didn't work.  She came back in, teary eyed and actually did what he suggested...

The only problem is... I will have to start all over tomorrow morning and do it all again. I didn't really want a do over...

I do believe that Zar is hoping that I get it done in a hurry.  He announced after she finished... "Oh.  By the way, I need a new pair of pants, a shirt, a new vest and a hair cut! And maybe you could get rid of the gray patches in my hair whilst you are at it.

I can't win.  See you tomorrow for another bout with fabric and hair.