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Friday, September 22, 2017

Kota's New Chair...

We got a new recliner.  It was delivered this morning... Guess who got to sit in it first?

I do believe that there will be three beings fighting over who gets to sit there... So far Kota is winning.

I'm not going to fight him for it.  He bites and scratches when he doesn't get his way!
Speaking of not getting his or her way... Tessie is throwing a hissy fit.  She says the color that I mixed looks like a dirty rose... I think that she meant dusty rose, but I think maybe she is right.

It definitely isn't her favorite flea color... Puce.

It looks even worse on the mixing plate.  It is even pinker in the raw.

I may take a trip to JoAnne's and See if I can find the color that she really likes.  It is straight out of the bottle.  Ceramacoat makes it and I just wish I could remember the color name...

If they still make it, I will find it.  That will keep her quiet for a day or two.  It's worth the trip!

I guess that I should go clean out the brushes before they turn to stone.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Want One of Those!!!

No. Tessie wasn't talking about Amare's rocks.  He is into rocks and what they are made of right now... He demonstrated how to smash a rock and get tiny fragments to study...
Unfortunately, Tessie wanted one of these... Amare's off the floor bed. It is tall enough so that I can walk under it. There is a ladder at the foot of it, so that he can get up there.

Seth built it for him a few years ago.  It has a lot of room under it so it almost doubles the size of his room...

Now Tessie wants one in her size.
A friend did Amare's name in  wrought iron and it hangs on the side of his bed.

Tessie wants one of those too...
There is a light under the bed so that he can see what he is doing.  It turns the walls in that area kind of a lilac color...

Tessie wants the whole room that color when she gets hers built... Guess who she thinks she is going to get to build it...

OK... I am getting out the graph paper as soon as we get done here.
I had to show you one other thing that is new in their house.

Seth built a new dining room table!!! It is two slabs of walnut put together and finished with the raw edges of the tree! It is amazing!!!

I am taking lessons from Tessie! I want one!!!

I am going now to talk Tessie out of a seven foot high bed... It probably won't work and she will probably want it by yesterday!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

If It Isn't One Thing...

It's another... I couldn't work on the two rooms this morning because this got in the way.

We are going over to stay with Amare while his mom goes to a meeting.  Seth is out of town so we are the elected sitters.

I found this shelf out in the garage and decided it would be good for some of Amare's latest treasures.

April says that his room is starting to look like a natural history museum.  He is collecting rocks and other nature things.
This morning, I added the sign and we will take it with us this afternoon.

This is going to be a full day.
 It is Wednesday so there will be a gathering of witches.  As soon as I get home we will leave for Aprils.

The title was suggestive of what is going on in the back yard now.

For the past few weeks, the hummingbird feeders have been cleaned out by bats every night.  This is a yearly happening.  The hit here every winter when the season starts to change and it gets cooler.

Just when the bats seem to have left(migration) the bees take over. They are just starting now.  They will also disappear in a couple of weeks.  The poor hummingbirds are having to wait in line to eat.
I am not sure what I did to make Kota mad, but for the past two days, he has been ignoring me.

I did something that he didn't like. He is at least posing for me when he sees the camera.  Otherwise he just puts his nose in the air.

I will wait patiently until he gets done being in a snit.

If looks could kill....

Anyway, I thought that I had better write something before Wednesday Witches.  There probably won't be much time after. 

I am off to get ready to go.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Busy Work...

OK.  I didn't do a lot of minis today... I did get my hanging jewelry in the bathroom cleaned out and straightened up... Well. It is straighter than it was and I replaced the batteries in two watches.  Now I can wear them.

If you look to the far right side of the photo, you will see one mini in the bunch.  It is a half timber house in a watch case.  I made it a lot of years ago... I think maybe back in the eighties.
 I also got all of my bedroom tools straightened. OK... It doesn't look straightened, but take my word for it.  I can find things now that I couldn't earlier in the day. 
The main reason that I didn't get a lot of mini-ing done was this hanging shelf.  I found it in my stash and decided to make it into another shelf for Amare to put treasures on...

It's not the greatest thing in the world, but we are going over there tomorrow night to sit with him.  Dad's out of town and mom has a meeting to go to.  We get to play all evening.  It should be fun. 

I will finally get to take some photos of Amare's room and take notes on what I have to make before Christmas.  Tomorrow night the fun begins!

See you tomorrow, before we go.

Monday, September 18, 2017

They Didn't Say For How Long...

I cut out all of the tiles for the floors on the two boxes yesterday and this morning. 

Zar and Tessie showed up to help when I started putting the tiles on tape to paint.  They got as far as number six... They didn't like the sticky part...

So much for help...
I am having trouble with my camera... Kota makes a good test subject.  He sits still for the camera.  It is taking fuzzy photos some of the time... We are trying to keep it working... We shall see what it does.
Here are all of the tiles stuck down(by me...).

I have to go mix paint the color of Sautillo Tile. This should be interesting... I do have photos to go by, but couldn't find Terra Cotta paint. So I am not letting that stop me.  Back to the mixing.

See you tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Getting Started...

Tessie is getting her way.....again. I am doing work on both boxes at once.

I will show you what is happening in Tessie's box, but the other one will have to wait until Christmas.

If I do both, you may have some idea of how I am using my time... Just look at what I do to Tessie's box and double it.

I have not done much on the rya since the last time you saw it...Another row and a part...

Tessie says that it will go well with Sautillo tile.  That is what the floors are going to be in both boxes.
I got the ceilings and floors painted in both boxes this morning.

If Tessie would just make up her mind on color, I would paint the walls.

The gift box will be a beige, with just a hint of mauve.
I spent the past couple of hours measuring and cutting 1" squares of theater trays.  This time I am using the smooth side to make the Sautillo tile.  It is what is in all of the old Spanish style houses in Tucson.  One foot square tile is what is in April's house.  It was built a long time ago.

Now all I have to do is paint it and install it.   Then the edges will be turned down with a ball stylus, after the painting. You will get to see the steps as I do them. back to the grindstone...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Refining the Workroom...

It's amazing what a little Old English Lemon Oil will do!

The left of this bookcase is without and the right side is with. It really makes a difference!

This box is from back in the mid 80s.  I ran onto it today and decided that it needed to be where people could see it. 

I oiled the outside of the box and all of the exposed wood on the inside. It looks like new!

Of course, Tessie moved right in... There were two plates of cookies inside.  That's all it takes for her to move in...

I would probably be the same way if the cookies were my size.

The print in the center of the bookcase is a real etching.  I took a few classes in etching in college, so I know how much work that tiny print took to make. 

Some of my favorite pottery pieces are in here too.
Tessie found something else that I have had for a long time.  Some friends went over to Berlin a short time after the wall went down. 

The little rock that she is holding is a part of the wall!

Another thing that I like in the room is the Maltese Falcon next to her head.  It is cast bronze.  I went to a NAME convention in Anaheim, CA in the early eighties and a lot of the things in the room were from there.

A lot of the other things I made myself at that time.  I brought a lot of things back from that show.  It was fun.

Now I am trying to get things in the workroom so that I can do minis like I did back then.  I knew where everything for making them was and could put my hands on what I needed in a couple of minutes. Of course, back then I didn't have the pack rat system of keeping everything that I think I might need later.

 I am slowly but surely organizing things so that I can find them fast. 

I organized and tossed out paint this morning. Now all you have to do is shout out a color and I can find it in no time! 

I keep going in the workroom and sitting down just to enjoy the clean.  Why didn't I do this before? I am even leaving the door open during the day!

I am going back now and see what else I can straighten and clean... This mood may not last!

See you tomorrow.